About me
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I’m a digital artist and designer from Spain.

I’ve been drawing since the day I could hold a pencil, and started to draw digitally in 2002.

My training began drawing in 1995 at the House of Culture of Ciutadella de Menorca, place, where I was born.

I also did sculpture and painting workshops and realistic oil paintings, until 2002/03.

While high school I studied art at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Mahon Menorca.

That was when I moved to Barcelona, and did the Master in Graphic Arts in Joso Comic School, which ended in 2007.

Now I’m living in Mallorca.¬† When I came to the island, in 2011, thanks to Balieri Studio, a computer animation studio, I could make a few months of practice in pre-production, character design and backgrounds.

Just followed in February 2011 I started working in Faqtoria. Design & Developer, as creative and graphic designer.

In November 2011 realized an intensive skills development for employers in CAEB, which I am very satisfied and I recommend everyone who can participate.

During 2012, I did various projects as an illustrator and designer in Olimar Tourism Services.

From 2013 to 2014, among other things, I’m collaborating with Intelagencia, an¬†advertising agency of Palma, as an illustrator, designing characters and shirts.

I’m currently working in Polaris. Integral Management, as an advertising designer for the 7 sports centers Activaclub.

In free time I do punctual works as an illustrator and packaging designer.

PROGRAMS: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign & Premiere Pro